About Me:


There once was a young girl whose claim to fame was her independence. 


She was never getting married.


She was never having kids of her own.


She was, of course, never going to give up her career to stay-at-home with her non-existent kids.


And she absolutely, positively would rather give up her favorite "Chocolate Devotion" ice cream from Cold Stone Creamery for the rest of her life before ever homeschooling. 


There also once was a God who changed a young girl's heart.

That same God is still changing her heart one day at a time. And today and yesterday and the day before that He's been telling her to write it all down and share it with others (sometimes He has to repeat Himself). So she is. And she loves it too.


Welcome to Grace Giver & Truth Teller where I hope to share both God's grace and His truth in the ordinary and the extraordinary. 

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